Training My AI Application to Become an Entertainment Bot for My WhatsApp Entertainment Group

July 21, 2023 2 min read
Jamillah Bello
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In the ever-evolving world of technology, the boundless possibilities with AI have always intrigued me. Fueled by curiosity and a thirst for innovation, I decided to test the limits of what i can achieve with my AI application, transforming it into a dynamic Nigerian entertainment blog news dispenser. In this article, I would take you through the step-by-step process of training my AI Application and integrating it with my WhatsApp Entertainment group.

Step 1: Create an AI Application

  • Visit the Vanus AI website.

  • Click on Create App.

  • Name your App and select a language model.

  • Enable the knowledge base.

  • Upload your preferred training content and click Create. For the purpose of this tutorial, i trained my AI Application with links to a popular Nigerian blog.

  • Go to the knowledge Base.

  • Upload additional relevant content to increase result accuracy.

  • Click on the Add button.

  • Select Add Links.

  • Input the desired link and proceed by clicking the Upload button.

Step 2: Change settings and set prompt

  • Click on the Settings tab.

  • Set your preferred App greeting and click Confirm.

  • Click on the Prompt tab.

  • Write your desired prompt and click Save Draft

  • Give the draft a title and click on Save.

Step 3: Integration

  • Click on the Integrations tab.

  • Select WhatsApp Integration.

  • Name your Integration and click Authorize.

  • Scan the provided QR Code.

  • Click Create to complete the integration settings.

  • Your App is now running on WhatsApp.

  • Create a group and add the number to the group.

Create A Whatsapp Group

  • Click on the chat icon.

  • Select New group.

  • Choose the individuals you wish to include in the group and then tap the icon located underneath.

  • Provide a name for your group, and then select the icon below that resembles a checkmark or tick.

  • Simply mention the number and receive instant replies.


The Vanus AI WhatsApp integration can be utilized in countless ways, and the possibilities are only bound by your imagination. It’s time to take the plunge and get the absolute best out of your AI application by effortlessly integrating it with your preferred services today. Trust me, this futuristic solution is the key to unlocking your business’s full potential and taking it to soaring heights. Don’t hesitate, and start harnessing the remarkable power of AI for your business success right away!