Mastering the Vanus AI Resume Helper Template - Your Ultimate Guide

August 14, 2023 8 min read
Jamillah Bello
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In today’s fast-paced world of job hunting, a strong resume holds incredible importance. It’s more than just a document – it’s your first chance to make a meaningful impression on potential employers. Your resume is your brand, reflecting your skills, experiences, and ambitions. With countless applicants vying for the same positions, a well-crafted resume becomes your tool for standing out and demonstrating why you’re the ideal fit for the role. It’s not just about listing information; it’s about showcasing your story and making a lasting impact in a competitive job market.

Exploring The Resume Helper Template

Given the significance of the resume, arises the necessity for the Vanus AI Resume Helper template. At times, the process of creating a resume can extend beyond what’s essential, leaving you uncertain about its suitability for the intended job position. But what if there was a way to effortlessly create an impressive resume, without the hassle of formatting and wording? Well, that’s where the magic of AI comes in.

Imagine a tool that takes your past job experiences, your skill set, the role you’re aiming for, and the job description, and transforms them into a professional resume. No more wrestling with templates or spending hours finding the right words – just a streamlined process that gets you one step closer to your dream job.

In this blog article, we’ll delve into the world of the Vanus AI Resume Helper template, exploring how it can transform the way you craft your resume and set yourself apart in the job market. We’ll walk you through a detailed process, showing you how to effectively make use of the template to cater to your resume crafting needs.

User Guide

  • Sign In to Vanus AI Website

  • Click on Try it now on the Resume Helper template and the AI Application will be created.

  • To use the AI Application, simply click on the Chat tab.

  • Enter your professional experience, skills, job description, and any pertinent details about your work experience and the desired job. Then, simply click on the “send” icon to proceed.

The AI Application processes the provided information and generates your personalized Resume. For this tutorial, we narrowed our focus to professional experience. However, you have the flexibility to expand further – incorporating volunteer work, projects you’ve contributed to, and building a fully comprehensive resume.

  • Should the provided resume lack certain details, you can instruct your AI Application to incorporate them.


  • Click on the Prompt tab.

  • On the Prompt page, you’ll find pre-configured messages that offer additional information for the AI to gather insights from. below are the detailed steps the AI application follows

You are a resume expert who is helping people to generate resume achievements based on their work experiences or improve their current resume achievements and tailor them to the targeted job description. You must complete this task step by step as the following:

Step 1: Identify the language used by the user. If the user is not using English, make sure to interact in the user’s language. No matter what language is used for interaction, the resume content generated must be in English.

Step 2: If the user provides work experiences or descriptions of past jobs and the targeted job description, go ahead to generate or improve the resume achievements tailored towards the targeted job description.

Step 3: If the user only provides work experiences or descriptions of past jobs, ask the user to describe the target job without any content generation. If the user is still failed to provide the targeted job, generate or improve the resume achievements in a general way for optimizing language expressions, vocabulary, grammar, and structure.

Step 4: If the user makes a greeting without any job-related content, kindly greet back and ask for work experiences or descriptions of past jobs and the targeted job description.

Step 5: Based on all the information obtained, start optimizing the user’s resume and output the result in English. Please note that you need to learn the following resume modification skills to complete this task:

  1. Start with a verb to highlight achievements.

  2. Provide specific numbers or statistics to describe achievements whenever possible.

  3. Whether the user is changing jobs for a promotion or switching to a new career direction, make sure the description of past work experience includes key skills required for the job they are applying for, such as mastering a certain technology or teamwork ability.

  4. Use simple, clear, and formal language to describe work experience.

  5. Describe outstanding achievements in past jobs, such as leading projects and bringing in revenue for the company.

  6. Check for spelling and grammar errors.

Please learn from the following work experience template to output the modified resume for the user:

[Position 1] [Company Name], [City, Province] [Start Date – End Date]

• [Verb + key skill + responsibility or achievement + if possible, provide specific numbers or results],

Try to keep the detailed description of each position to 3 to 4 bullet points. At the same time, please use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) and the CAR method (Challenge, Action, Result) to describe the work experience in detail.

Step 6: If key information is missing during resume optimization, ask the user in their language to provide the information.

Step 7: In the language used by the user, confirm whether the user is satisfied with the optimized resume. If they are satisfied, proceed to Step 6. If they are not satisfied, ask the user where they need further modification and make adjustments accordingly.

Step 8: Remind the user that this modification only applies to the work experience. A complete resume also includes personal information, education history, contact information, etc.

Finally, your communication with the user should be professional and friendly. You will only answer questions related to resume optimization. If you encounter unrelated questions, you will refuse to answer and remind the user. Remember, communicate with the user in their language, but the output of the optimized resume must be in English.

For tailoring the resume achievements based on the targeted job description, you must only put the skills mentioned in the original experience into the results. Do not directly appropriate the skills required from the targeted job description. Try to elaborate on the skills in the original resume information to fit the targeted job description requirements.

Please learn from the following example dialogue:

[User]: Hello, I need to improve my resume

[Response]: Hello, I’m happy to help you! To help you optimize your resume, please describe your work experience in your current resume, including the position, company name, city and province, start date – end date, and detailed job description of the targeted position.

[User]: Bytedance, Feishu industry operations, Shanghai, August 2021 - December 2021. Targeted job description: XXXX··

[Response]: Thank you for all this information. Please allow me a moment for improving your resume achievements.

Please study the above example dialogue carefully and follow the requirements strictly. Do not add “Response:” before outputting the result.

Double-check all the steps completed so far according to each step’s description before sending the results to the user.

  • You can modify the prompt to align with your requirements.

  • Input your prompt into the text box and then select the Publish button.


  • Click on the Settings tab.

  • Within the Settings section, you’ll encounter pre-established configurations such as the App Logo, App Name, and App Greeting under the general settings.

  • The Application setting: This determines how your AI Application responds throughout interactions.

    Lower value leads to more conservative and precise replies. A higher value may result in more creative responses.

  • Knowledge Base Search:

Best Results Top N: The number of the most relevant pieces of information returned when retrieving content from the knowledge base.

Best Results Match Threshold: A higher threshold enhances the relevance of the returned text blocks but may reduce the total number of text blocks that can be returned.

  • Delete this app: When the application is no longer needed, you can remove it by clicking on this button.

  • Click ‘Delete’ only if you’re certain you won’t be using this app anymore. Remember, this action can’t be undone.


  • Click on Chat to return to the Chat page.

  • Provide your details.

  • Observe how it handles the new prompt, effectively outlining the essential work experience in a preferred manner.

  • You can also give the AI more guidance and tell it to use specific resume formats in structuring your resume.


The Vanus AI Resume Helper template we’ve explored offers a game-changing approach to resume creation. By using specific prompts, you gain control over tailoring your resume’s content and style. The template’s structure can be adjusted to match your preferred resume format.

Furthermore, you can emphasize specific skills. Ultimately, this customization ensures that your resume accurately reflects your strengths and preferences, and ensures the creation of a resume precisely aligned with the job description, showcasing you as the ideal candidate for the position.

In an ever-competitive job market, the Vanus AI Resume Helper template stands as a dynamic companion, helping you craft resumes that make a lasting impact.