Quick Guide to Vanus AI PPT Outline Template

August 3, 2023 2 min read
Ehis Akhile
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Vanus AI is a platform to customize ChatGPT bots. It offers a comprehensive solution for companies seeking to develop AI-driven applications. With its powerful features, it empowers both businesses and individuals to create GPT-based chatbots which can be integrated in websites, and other third-party applications like WhatsApp, Slack, and Discord.

Vanus AI also has templates. Templates are pre-configured AI Apps to meet specific needs for the user.

In this tutorial, we will explore Vanus AI PPT Outline template and how to use it.

Exploring PPT Outline Template

The PPT Outline Template represents a meticulously pre-configured solution offered by Vanus AI. This resource serves as a comprehensive guide, empowering users to author their PowerPoint presentations with a heightened level of accuracy and professionalism. By leveraging this template, individuals gain a refined framework that facilitates a comprehensive understanding of optimal presentation structure and design principles. This, in turn, enhances their ability to deliver a compelling message to their intended audience with utmost efficacy.

To use the Vanus AI PPT Outline Template,

  • Sign In to Vanus AI Website

  • Click on Try it now on the PPT Outline and the AI App will be created.

  • To use the AI App, click on the Chat tab and provide a topic of your choice. The AI App will intuitively generate PPT Outlines based on the provided topic. In this tutorial, we asked the AI to prepare a presentation outline with the topic The Future of AI.

  • In the Prompt tab, there are pre-configured messages which provide more information for the AI to learn from.

  • In the Settings tab, there are pre-configured settings like the App Logo, App Name, App Greeting & Quick Questions


In this article, we explored the Vanus AI PPT Outline Templates, an innovative feature designed to seamlessly generate structured PowerPoint outlines aligned with diverse subject matters, thereby exemplifying the platform’s versatility and utility.