Quick Guide to Vanus AI Excel Formula Template

August 7, 2023 3 min read
Ehis Akhile
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Vanus AI serves as a versatile platform for tailoring ChatGPT bots according to specific requirements. It provides a holistic solution for enterprises aiming to construct AI-powered applications. Its robust capabilities enable both individuals and businesses to design chatbots based on GPT, seamlessly incorporating them into websites, as well as popular third-party platforms such as WhatsApp, Slack, and Discord.

Moreover, Vanus AI boasts a collection of templates, which are pre-designed AI Apps meticulously crafted to address distinct user needs.

In this tutorial, we will explore Vanus AI Excel Formula template and how to use it.

Exploring Excel Formula Template

Within the array of offerings provided by Vanus AI, there exists a notable template known as the Excel Formula Template. This particular template stands as a valuable resource, strategically designed to lend assistance to users seeking to fulfill precise and targeted requirements within the realm of Excel spreadsheet operations. The template effectively serves as a facilitator by furnishing users with meticulously curated Excel formulas that are adeptly tailored to address specific needs and challenges, thereby enhancing their ability to achieve optimal outcomes and streamline their spreadsheet-related endeavors.

To use the Vanus AI Excel Formula Template,

  • Sign In to Vanus AI Website

  • Click on Try it now on the Find Excel Formula and the AI App will be created.

  • To use the AI App, click on the Chat tab and ask the AI about your needed formula. Let’s ask the following question What is the Excel Formula for sum?. The AI App will give us an answer expressing the formula for an Excel Sum and how it can be used. The answer to our above question will be

    The formula to sum a range of cells in Excel is: =SUM(A1:A10)

In the example above, Excel adds all the numbers that are in cells from A1 to A10. You can replace “A1:A10” with the range of cells that you want to add.

  • In the Prompt tab, there are pre-configured messages which provides more information for the AI to learn from.

  • In the Settings tab, there are pre-configured settings like the App Logo, App Name, App Greeting & Quick Questions


Vanus AI, a pioneering platform in the realm of AI customization, offers a range of innovative solutions for individuals and businesses seeking to harness the power of artificial intelligence in their applications. Among its array of offerings, Vanus AI introduces a collection of intelligently crafted templates designed to expedite and enhance user experiences. These templates, thoughtfully engineered to cater to diverse needs, empower users to seamlessly integrate AI-driven functionalities into their projects.

One standout template within this repertoire is the Excel Formula Template. This template embodies the intersection of AI and data manipulation, providing users with a sophisticated tool to navigate the intricate landscape of Excel spreadsheet operations. The Excel Formula Template goes beyond mere assistance, serving as a strategic ally by furnishing users with carefully curated Excel formulas. These formulas are meticulously aligned to specific requirements, offering a precise and efficient means to address unique challenges within the realm of spreadsheet computations.