How I Created an AI Song Writer With Vanus AI

November 21, 2023 2 min read
Jamillah Bello
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Ever wondered how much cool stuff you can do with AI? Like, is there anything it can’t handle? I’ve played around with AI for all sorts of things, and it’s pretty awesome at everything if you teach it right, so i decided to do something completely different this time. Usually, I like to write songs when I’ve got some free time, it helps me relax and put my feelings in order. Honestly, if I didn’t end up in tech, I’d probably be in the music biz.

So, here’s what happened: I hit a wall trying to write an emotional song, and I had zero inspiration. Instead of stressing, I decided to put my AI app to work and see if it could whip up some lyrics for me.

Creating And Training My AI Application

Here are the steps I took in creating my AI Application to serve as a songwriter:

  • I signed In to Vanus AI Website

  • I clicked on Create App to create my AI Application.


  • I opted for the AI Chatbot with Custom Data option, as the other choice is intended for developing an AI application specifically tailored for a Shopify store.


  • I named my App, uploaded the link to one of my favourite viral songs, and then clicked Create to finalize the creation process.


  • I went to the Knowledge Base and uploaded four documents containing lyrics from several of my preferred viral songs.


  • Finally i set a prompt telling the AI Application to learn from the song lyrics in its knowledge base, study their tone and use that information to make songs in any style the user wants.


Testing the AI Application

Now it was time for the moment of truth. I asked my AI App to craft a revenge-themed song, and I was somewhat impressed with the outcome. What it wrote seemed more akin to poetry, it wasn’t perfect, but hey, it was just a quick 3-minute training round. With further training and a more detailed prompt, the results could be mindblowing.



You’ve witnessed how I generated a beautiful song idea in under 5 minutes, without writing a single line of code, all thanks to the Vanus AI platform. Every day, the things I can accomplish with Vanus AI just seem to increase, and I have fun discovering new ways to make my life easier with the no-code platform. I wonder what I’ll create next. Stay tuned to find out.