How I Created a Golang-Powered AI Tutor to Assist My Mentees

October 25, 2023 4 min read
Ehis Akhile
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Running a tech community can be quite challenging, especially when it involves continuous interaction with students. I found myself in such a situation. In my role as a DevOps mentor, managing the DevOps community required me to be actively engaged in answering my mentees’ questions within the group.

Balancing this responsibility with a full-time job became increasingly demanding. It prompted me to contemplate and ultimately develop a solution that has proven to be immensely beneficial to my mentees. The solution involved creating an AI-Powered Golang Tutor and seamlessly integrating it into our community platform. This AI resource now provides our mentees with access to immediate answers to their questions.

In this guide, I will walk you through the process I followed to create this AI.

Setting Up

Vanus AI is a no-code AI platform designed for constructing AI Bots suitable for various applications such as Customer Service AI Chatbots, Personal Assistants, AI Tutors, and much more. It’s thanks to this platform that I managed to create my AI Tutor without the need to write a single line of code. The steps I followed are outlined below.

Sign In to Vanus AI Website

Click on Create App button at the top left corner of the page.


Provide the App Name and click Create.


Customising the AI

Once the AI setup was complete, I proceeded to the settings page to perform a few essential tasks. Firstly, I uploaded a new logo for the AI, giving it a personalized touch. Then, I configured some quick questions that the AI would be prepared to answer.

Subsequently, the crucial step involved training the AI with specific data to familiarize it with the realm of Golang. To achieve this, I uploaded a selection of links from W3Schools as valuable training resources. Additionally, I crafted precise instructions to outline the AI’s scope of knowledge. I wanted to ensure that the AI would only respond to queries aligned with the materials I provided and those related to the Go programming language.

To provide you with a visual insight, below is a screenshot capturing the settings page, the Knowledgebase section where I uploaded the links, and the prompt tab where I penned the detailed instructions.




Testing the AI

After the AI was configured and equipped with precise instructions, I wanted to assess its performance and see if it comprehended the prompts I had crafted. To do this, I initiated a test by posing some generic questions, the results of which are displayed in the screenshot below. The AI’s response aligned with my expectations; it refrained from answering questions unrelated to Golang.

Following this successful test, I proceeded to inquire about Golang-related topics, and the AI delivered accurate and insightful responses, demonstrating its proficiency in the subject matter.



Integrating the AI to my Community Platform

My community platform operates through WhatsApp, and one of the remarkable features of Vanus AI is its compatibility with this messaging app. To facilitate integration, I decided to set up a dedicated WhatsApp account that would work in harmony with the AI.

The integration process was surprisingly straightforward. I initiated the connection by accessing the Linked Devices option on my WhatsApp, and then I simply scanned the provided code on Vanus AI to authorize the connection. With this quick and easy process, I successfully established a link between my Golang AI Tutor and my community forum.

Now, my mentees can pose questions on our community forum, and the AI promptly provides them with informative and relevant answers. The seamless integration of the AI has greatly improved the speed and efficiency of responses, as captured in the screenshot below, showcasing the AI in action as it intelligently addresses the queries of my mentees.



Creating an AI-driven Golang Tutor would have been a substantial investment in terms of both time and money. Fortunately, I found a solution in Vanus AI, a no-code platform designed for constructing AI Bots. With this powerful tool, I managed to build, train, and seamlessly integrate my own Golang AI platform in a matter of minutes, saving considerable resources.